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For Sale

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Thinking of adopting a horse? Don't forget to check Curly Horse Rescue!

Are you from out of State? Please visit the Texas Animal Health Commission to view regulations and download forms about exporting a horse from Texas.

Did you know? In Texas, all equine animals must have a negative EIA test completed within the previous 12 months for the following situations, including (but not limited to):

For Sale: No Deer Creek Farms horses for sale at this time.

Notes for Deer Creek Farms:
*Homes will need to provide proof that the horses will be properly cared for in regards to the following:
1. Provide adequate water
2. Provide adequate shelter
3. Provide adequate nutrition
4. Not to re-sell horse for meat or at auction where horses are sold for meat
5. Buyer shall give Deer Creek Farms Right of First Refusal if horse is sold
6. Horse will not be neglected, abused, or used beyond its capacity to work.

For Sale By Owner: No horses for sale by owner at this time

For Adoption Through Curly Horse Rescue:
Notes for Curly Horse Rescue:

Coming Soon, photos and descriptions of Violet and Dash.

Deer Creek Farms sends all horses to the new owner in good condition. We provide vaccination records and proof of a negative Coggins. Once you purchase your horse, you will need a Health Certificate for travel and any other procedures or documents that are required by law. If you as the buyer request any other tests, checks, or procedures that are not required by law, you will be financially responsible for them. (Some examples are (but not limited to) examination of the reproductive tract, *culture and sensitivity, X-rays, flexion tests. . .).

*We do have broodmares cultured when the veterinarian reccommends it at the start of the breeding season and will provide proof of that negative culture to you if the mare you wish to purchase was cultured. If you require a more recent culture, you will be responsible for the expense.

What does a Curly Horse Need?

So, exactly what does a curly horse need? Here is a list of truths and tales for you.

1. So you heard that they are usually hardy and trouble free? True! You have heard that they require virtually no care? False! Curlies are usually very hardy and trouble free. But that doesn't mean you can neglect them, it just means that they don't require as much "pampering".

2. Curlies need plenty of grass hay and fresh water. True.

3. They don't need grain. False. Depending on your curly horse's metabolism and exercise level, he may need grain to stay in good condition.

4. Curlies don't need a shelter. False! Although they are quite hardy, they should be provided with at least a run-in shed to get out of inclement weather. They don't necessarily need to be in a stall 24/7 (what horse does?). But they do need shelter.

5. Curly horses react to vaccinations and/or dewormers, so you shouldn't vaccinate or deworm. False! Curlies need to be kept current on vaccinations and be on a good parasite control program.

6. Curlies have hard hooves. True (there are a few exceptions). They don't need shoes. False! Although the majority of curlies have hard feet and are kept barefoot, some do require shoes. Shoeing should be based on individual needs, not a generalized assumption.

7. Curlies don't need their hooves trimmed. False! You bet they need regular farrier care. A few are self-trimmers. But to keep those hard feet healthy and well-balanced, you should have your horse's feet trimmed on average every 6-8 weeks whether barefoot or shod.

8. Curlies have wonderful temperments, and are great horses for the family. True, true, true!