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About Deer Creek Farms:
Deer Creek Farms is owned and operated by Fred and Annise Finch of Troy, Texas and has been in operation since 1998. It is located on 477 acres in Bell County, with the homestead comprising 2 acres.

About the Owners:
Annise Finch has a Bachelor of Science degree in Horse Management and Production from Tarleton State University. She has knowledge in many areas of the Equine Industry including reproduction, stallion and mare management, conformation, nutrition, unsoundness, training, stable management, and farrier science. Annise also has knowledge and experience with Artificial Insemination. Annise specializes in Breeding and Stable Management. Fred Finch has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Tarleton State University, and is a Mechanical Design Engineer, running his own business, "Orbit Designs".  He grew up on the family farm, Shiloh Land and Cattle Company. Growing up, Fred helped with the daily farm chores, and as a teenager, Fred helped manage and operate the Farm. We feel that the combination of Annise’s life-long love for horses, her equine degree and her husband’s experience with running a farm will make Deer Creek Farms stand out as one of the premier horse facilities in Central Texas.

Mission of Deer Creek Farms:
Deer Creek Farms is committed to providing a quality breeding and boarding program in Central Texas. We believe that quality care is essential for the health and well-being of any horse and we strive to offer the best care available. Horses are healthiest and happiest when they are in their natural environment in a herd out on pasture. Therefore, we offer pasture board and large paddocks. However that situation is not always convenient for a horse owner, or a special needs horse, so Deer Creek Farms also offers large stalls to allow horses plenty of room to move and lay down, to keep your horse active and healthy. We do not have an enclosed barn/stall set-up as it lends itself to becoming dusty and dirty, and the horses tend to get bored when kept in a 12X12 stall all day without turn-out. We feel that it is not healthy for a horse to be in a stall in a barn all day, so we do turn the horses out as often as allowed.

The breeding program is centered around the American Curly horse, also known as the American Bashkir Curly, because the breed, which is a unique and rare breed, offers many advantages over conventional straight-haired horses. American Curly Horses are considered to be hypoallergenic. Many people who react violently to animals or horses do not react to certain curly horses. One of our missions is to make this rare and unique breed available to the public in Central Texas which would provides a way for allergy sufferers to take advantage of an opportunity to be involved in equine activities.

More about the American Curly Horse:
The American Curly Horse is known first for its curly hair, which ranges from loose waves to tight curls. The hair tends to be hypoallergenic due to a reduction or absence of dander/protein. The uniqueness of the horse does not stop there though. Most curly horses have wonderful, laid back personalities, and are very smart. They love attention, especially from people. Curly horses do not seem to be scared of anything, but rather curious about everything. These horses require the same amount of care that “regular” horses do, although DCF is of the opinion that due to the nature of their hair, they require more attention when it comes to grooming. Deer Creek Farms has chosen to specialize in the American Curly Horse because of their uniqueness, and their disposition.

About our Farrier:
Dave Demaree is a certified farrier through the AFA and the TPFA and has been shoeing horses for nearly 30 years. We are lucky to have found such a great farrier. Dave does excellent work and the horses just love him. He not only does farrier work, but he does a little blacksmithing as well, creating beautiful works of art that include hoofpicks made of horseshoes, halter and bridle hooks, barbecue and meat forks, and other ironwork.

About our Veterinarian:
We use Dr. Jackie Rich. She is an exceptional veterinarian and I am thrilled to have her taking care of our equine family. She is very patient and caring. Rest assured that your horse is in excellent hands and will receive proper care!



International Curly Horse Organization


American Bashkir Curly Registry


Curly Horse Rescue

Are Curly Horses really hypoallergenic? For most people with allergies, yes they are!

*Please click on the logo if you would like to visit the registry's website.

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